South Point Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers specialized rehabilitation services to improve and maintain individualís physical function, independence and overall quality of life. Licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists provide short-term and long-term rehabilitation services six days a week to orthopedic, neurological and other medical conditions. The dynamic team of therapists evaluates new admissions within twenty four hours to develop an individualized plan of care.

Physical therapy focuses on therapeutic exercises to strengthen weak muscles, neuromuscular education, improve mobility and training in the use of assistive devices to facilitate ambulation on all surfaces. This allows residents to maximize their physical function.

Occupational therapy treatment assists individuals to achieve their highest potential in all functional life skills. Services focus on promoting independence in activities of daily living such as grooming, feeding, dressing, homemaking tasks and mobility. Occupational therapists also specialize in the evaluation and implementation of assistive technology devices to enhance their abilities in achieving independence in all activities of daily living. In addition, specialized services are provided in the area of seating and positioning, home management skills and mobility training.

Speech therapy focuses treatment on swallowing and communication deficits by using the most current techniques and compensatory strategies. The main emphasis is to provide individuals with the least restrictive diet and to utilize effective communication strategies for daily living.